Who are we?

about Images & Metaphors

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. - Brian Reed.


Images & Metaphors (formerly Image Plus) is a New Media Design company located in Lagos, Nigeria.

We started out in 2003 taking "instant passport" photographs from a bench in Surulere, Lagos. Gradually, we expanded into professional photography, graphic design, videography and web development services.

Then we grew larger, got bolder, and took on the challenge of providing Training and Consulting Services as well..

In 2013 we got bolder still adding software development to our stable.

Our vision has always been " To bring unmatched levels of innovation and excellence in service delivery into any field we choose to play".

We are primarily, an ideas company. Let's talk



Current Project(s)

Stepps Consulting / FestiveGrills site Upgrade/